Nutritional sense

Aliments recommended for babies

Since babies don't know about high-sugar, high-fat foods such as soft drinks, sweets, potato crisps and pastries, they won't feel deprived if they are not included in their diet and they do not see you eating them; children will find out about these foods soon enough when they go to preschool or start going to parties.

  • Full-cream milk and dairy products (not skim or modified) are recommended until a child is five years old. Unpasteurised and low-fat products are also not suitable.
  • Very high-fibre foods such as bran are not recommended in any quantity, as they can hinder the absorption of iron.
  • Sugar and salt are unnecessary. What tastes bland to us will be flavoursome to a baby who has thousands more taste buds than an adult (we lose taste buds throughout life)
  • Honey should not be given, as it can contain a poisonous organism which causes botulism. The organism is not destroyed by heating or processing.
  • Calcium is an important element in the diet and calcium-rich foods should be included every day.
  • Breads, cereals, vegetables and fruits should form the bulk of the diet for all the family, including baby.
  • Vegetarian babies need balanced diets - egg, dairy and vegetable proteins (pulses, lentils) and vitamin C-rich foods are important. A vegan diet is not recommended for babies or small children except under medical supervision.
  • Commercial baby foods are ideal as occasional meals, especially when you are on the go. They do not contain preservatives and are as nutricious as a well-prepared home-made meal. They can be more expensive and, because their consistency does not change much, are not recommended as everyday meals.
  • Alcohol must never be given to babies or children, as it can cause severe damage to their digestive systems.
  • After milk, water is the ideal drink. Soft drinks are never appropriate; neither are tea and coffee. Dilute fruit juice 50:50 with boiled water. Save cordials until your child is older andgive only occasionally.
  • Bottled mineral water is not suitable. It is not sterile and is often high in minerals including sodium.
  • Blackcurrant androse-hip cordials are high in sugar and are no longer recommended as baby foods. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables will provide sufficient vitamin C.

Text source: Parenting Guides - Baby Food