I am your best friend, sweet child of mine

The age of 6, the tween age

My sweet child, sometimes I'm not the best mother for you, and neither the best friend you dream of,  but I know I try to be. Sometimes I don't have self-control and raise my voice, and sometimes I don't seem understanding, but I really try to. I blame myself for not being the perfect mother, but all I know is I love you with all my heart. You're just the perfect child, but now that you grew older, things became more difficult than I thought and you are such a strong spirit. You know how to support your own point of view, even if you think you're right. I love teaching you things, but it's just complicated when you're going against it. I'm not a bad mother if I want to teach you things, and you're not a bad child if you don't want to learn at the moment. But let's find a resolution together. It is not easy, but remember I am your friend, and you have to trust me. I am also your mother, and my love for you is infinite.
So, my sweet child, remember that, everytime you feel you're in trouble, I'm there for you in any moment, because I'm your mother and your friend; 

Here are my promises, and don't forget I always keep them:
  • I'll be there for you, no matter what
  • I'll teach you things no matter how much you'll go against it
  • I'll love you as much as I love your lovely sister
  • I'll forgive you everytime you do something wrong, because you're part of me and this won't change
  • I'll give you credit even if the other's don't, because I know you better
  • I'll be your best friend whenever you need to
  • I'll find solutions to your problems
  • I'll keep the secrets you have
Now, here are some things I'm asking from you, too:
  • Let me be part of your life, cause I want all the best for you
  • Love your sister, cause she'll be your best friend when you grow up
  • Respect people, be empathic, cheerful, positive, devoted to all good things, people and moments
  • Be proud of yourself, say "hello", "thank you", "you're welcome"
  • Always trust your parents, even if you think they are so intolerant sometimes
  • Don't trust strangers
  • Always tell me about your problems, and don't be afraid to do it
  • Keep your promises no matter what,or,if you think you can't, don't promise things
  • Make me proud of you for all these, and I'll make you prod of me