Mommy, I love winter but I hate it

When winter comes, I know there's the beginning of a new struggle with my daughters. Too much clothes are pretty troubling for them, and there are stressful moments when starting the whole process of getting  dressed, explaining over and over again that it is cold outside and it is really impossible to walk out in t-shirt. We all get nervous (I know I suppose to be calm, but it's impossible having an eye to the idea that my children could catch a serious cold): "Mommy, why do I  have to get dressed? I hate winter!". This is the eternal question when winter is coming, and from year to year, I realize that nothing is changed, except from my children growing-up. Who says that the child will be more empathic from one year to another, and all the development stages will be less frustrating for parents? 
There are behavioral differences between my two daughters, but I trully understand that a child of 2 years old can not fully control himrself when it comes to do certain activities, but as a parent you expect that a child of 6 years old be more receptive and open to changes. I think many parents have some expectations from their children at certain ages, and they believe their children change some of their habits, if we have to say so, at some points in their development stages. But what happens if they don't? And here is the topic I'm approaching: the problem of getting dressed (especially in winter), and the children's receptivity at different ages.

It is a nightmare when it's time to go out in winter, and have to dress up my daughters. The little one hates clothes as much as her older sister. I'm not sure who's more receptive, the little one or the older one? The little one is crying for all she is worth (saying "Mommy, the coat/trousers are hurting me!!!") when putting on the trousers and the coat  (it's a dream and almost impossible to put on the gloves even when going out to play with snow), so I have to stay calm and keep things under control, but it is frustrating and difficult, and mothers know what I'm talking about, except the lucky ones. Finally, her reactions are manageable, and, after forwarding her attention to other things, and hugging her for about 5 minutes, everything is ok. The older daughter is very selective,  and doesn't bear to put on leggings, blue-jeans, trousers, scarfs, hats, some tshirts, blouses, etc, but she loves dresses (even in winter). At 6 years of  age, a mother expects that this kind of behavior will go away (of course, I'm not absurd and understand that each stage of development has new challenges), and she tells me: "Mommy, it is so annoying to put on so many clothes! Please, I want a dress!!"(in the middle of winter). 

And here we are, in wintertime, with two children, weepy and crying "I love winter, but I hate it". Now, I'm asking myself, what is worse: the fact that they are not receptive when getting dressed or when explaining them it is cold outside, the fact that their negative reactions are repeating over and over again, or the fact that, a parent has normal expectations from each stage of development?