Playing, reality and fantasy

Children love playing, and this is the only job they have during their childhood. Playing comes naturally in their lives, and is good to know that this is the way their brain makes connections. When playing, children develop themselves from a social, physical and intelectual point of view. That is why is very important to play with our children. Spending time with them seems to be difficult sometimes, as the adults have duties to carry out, jobs, housekeeping duties, etc. But the time spent with our children is precious, and if we want them to have a "beautiful" development, than we must do all the efforts.   

Support their games

By the age of 3, they've already developed their imagination. The imaginary playing develops their creativity, and gives them the opportunity to be the "boss" in a world they could have control in  stressful situations.

Sometimes their imagination is exagerated, and parents don't get it, considering it a little bit strange, and that is why they sometimes set up some limits concerning their children, in order to insist upon them to play in a more realistic way. Don't do that to your children! You could hurt their feelings and they will become introvuted or frustrated. What you shall do is to support their games by observations, paying attention and approbation - but without taking over, giving them guidance or  trying conclusions with them. Doing the possitive things, you will encourage your child to learn and you will consolidate his self-consideration and the relation between you. If, during his imaginary games, you help your child to have more control upon his imaginary world, he will be more cooperative and disciplinable to you in the real world. 

The capacity to discern between reality and fantasy develops along with their age. We should accept that little children hardly remember the real facts or the events that were part of their games.

Also, it is normal for a child between 3 and 5 to have an imaginary friend. It will get away in time.

Let imagination run its course

As for myself, I've experienced the positive and the negative way, too. And looking back, I could say that some behaviours of mine were probably wrong in the relation with my children. Sometimes I did well, sometimes I did bad, and the past can't be changed. But I know that the present and the future can. So, personally, I'll try to be a better mother, by changing the way I see, and accepting the way my children see. I will definitely give them the chance to express themselves, to share their own points of view, to let their imagination run its course, and, moreover, to get into their world. Because I know in this way they will progress as individuals, and will grow up like confident children. I just know it is difficult to do this, but my own motivation is that, someday, my children will become grown-ups, and they need to have all the support from their parents to face the real world.

Don't forget! Your child will appreciate when they have all your attention, but they will also feel appreciated even when you are homemaking and, despite it, you encourage them. Your words have a huge meaning for them - in a positive or negative way - that is why you should consider the tone of your voice or comment.