Pine cones, source of health

For those who believe nature has so many to offer and is a great source of health, it is good to know that pine cones are benefic to many health issues, properly prepared and harvested in time.

I haven't been aware of the importance of health until the moment I've gave birth. Since then, I've realised that my children need to be treated naturally when getting ill, and only after exhausting all the resources, to be treated medically. I'm one of those mothers supporting the alternative medicine, and I'm not absurd to say that only natural cures can heal our children, but this is another story.

Anyway, I've recently found, when having a weekend escape in our countryside, in a heavenly place, where mountains could be seen from our backyard, that the surroundings are a great source of natural remedies. 

I realised that people in the area are so lucky to live right near the source of so many plants benefic to our children's health.

Mommy, you are my rainbow

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I miss us, my first child

Dear child, you grow so fast like a little seed I've planted years ago and now it became a beautiful flower. I miss every moment spent alone with you, and I know sometimes you don't like having a little sister. I completely understand you. I know you want your mommy only for yourself, and I know how difficult it must be sometimes for you to share your precious moments with your sister. 
Yesterday you were just a little baby, now you are a big girl, and I just want to make the time stop, to enjoy more time in your childhood, your smiling face, your child voice, your lovely way of being, acting...

Childhood adventure

Childhood is a true adventure. Every child has imaginary friends or wants to be himself like the characters from his favourite stories. So why don't we make childhood more funny and adventurous, offering our little ones the possibility to develop their brain and imagination by role-playing.

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Mommy, I loved when I was your only child

New family member and acceptance

The jealousy between brothers/sisters can't be avoided. It comes from the day the second child is born. It is a hard work for the parents to explain the first born child how much they love him but that they have to pay attention to the newborn child, too. There are so many tough moments, and we can't judge our children for their reactions to changings. But, also, our approach is very important, as the child sees the world through our eyes. Our goal is to keep their feelings safe and give them double love when a newborn comes into any family.

In theory, things are quite simple. Unfortunately, in practice, we fail to do things perfectly. Children are so sensitive and parents are humans, and there are so many issues coming out from the first day of living as a four member family (or more).