Virosis in wintertime

In some parts of the world, the cold season has already come, and, it is known that winter is a good home for the viruses. No matter how hard we try to immunize our children against colds or other severe illnesses, it is not sufficient, because there is a continuous forthcoming of new viruses that pull down their bodies. I often heard some voices saying: "Her immunity is not good enough". I think it has nothing to do with this, since the body is not prepared for new viruses, and it's impossible to stay strong against new illnesses. I mean, it's a matter of luck. Very few people are immune against new viruses, never mind a child. So, I don't know if immunity means to be invincible against the illnesses, but for sure it helps our children to go through affections easier. 

I don't have unhealthy children, I didn't keep them inside in wintertime or windy weather, I didn't overdo it when putting clothes on them, and I always insisted on eating healthy food. I consider them immunised against illnesses, and I know that because they have never got severe manifestations of illnesses (when other children were down). 

One mother,one approach
I hate when other mothers, or older people on the street tell me: "You'll better put her a scarf over mouth" or "Hey, it's a windy day, I'll sugest you should go inside with your child", or "It's so cold, it's not good for your little one!", or the most ridiculous one is when I hear mothers saying: "Oh, and you don't give her antibiotic? Look at her, she's runny nose! I don't chance is with my baby, even if it's a virosis! ". I don't want to upset some mothers, but the antibiotic is useless when talking  about a virosis. I know some children go through illnesses with difficulty, and it is so scary when they have high fever, although high fever is a sign that the body fights against the viruses or bacteria, but this is a wholy different discussion. Afterwards, every mother knows what is the best for his baby, and knows better how to deal with their sickness. But, sometimes, it is good to balance things.

As I said before, my children got ill, too, especially in wintertime (just with runny nose most of the time). I don't know if they were lucky, but I know some of the things I've done brought in a way or another a little contribution to it. So, in winter time or the whole year round I tried to:

  •  go out with them as much as possible (in my case twice a day and even if they had runny noses). 
  • immunize them with fruits (and not juice, I consider the pulp more important and healthy), tea (especially ribwort or rose hip tea, that gives alot of vitamin C, and I have to mention I insist on tea only after 1 year old), honey (all types of honey, homemade dandelion honey and many other plants that I find in countryside in my homeyard).
  • immunize them with vegetables (I insist on eating soup everyday with all kinds of vegetables) and some other plants added in meals like sorrel, parsely or other spices.
  • immunize them with seeds (when possible, without knowing it, as they don't agree with all of them; for example I try to mix the flaxseed or chia seeds with the cereals).
  • make aromatherapy before sleeping (I prefer the eucalyptus and lemon essence as it helped my children to breath better; and if it doesn't work, I put a drop of it on their pillows).
  • use nebulizers when they accepted (with saline solution mostly, or other solutions recommended by the doctor).
  • not insist upon too much clothing (my children hate putting on too much clothes so I tried to understand that this is their way and they know better what their bodies need; of course I'm not absurd to let a child go in t-shirt outside in winter).
  • clear the air in our home daily (and when I say that it means that when we leave the house we let the windows open, even if there are -0 degrees outside).
I have to mention that this is my way of approaching things, which it did worked with my own children, even if, in spite of all that, my children had runny nose or had some caughs. Do not follow some of  those mentioned by me until you talk to your doctor. Every child is different, every mother has different approaches and they know better their child manifestations during illnesess.