Second baby and infertility

Baby No.2

Most of mommies love the ideea of having a second baby, and sometimes they simply feel it. And when they want to get pregnant with their second child, they realize that things are not going as they have planned. 

They realize it is such a long way to get there and conceiving is extremely frustrating, not only for women trying to have their first child (when they are afraid of infertility after months or years of trying), but to mothers trying to have their second child, too. When you have your first child, you don't even think to be infertile, and it's said that after your first baby, you get pregnant easier, but this is just a myth, or some women are effectively lucky, aren't they? 

Therefore, this is a serious problem or women should ask themselves some questions when trying to conceive a second child, and he's keeping expected. There are several issues which influence fertility, and there are many external and internal factors, too. Sometimes it depends on women, and sometimes is at God's will, who knows.

Secondary infertility

Specialists talk about the diagnosis of secondary infertility, when women do not get pregnant after 1 year with regular intercourses (3 times a week). 

Nowadays, the secondary infertility is hard to be controled by the couple, but there are solutions for this problem, according to the specialists. 

The main causes of secondary infertility could be some injuries of the female genital apparatus given by some benign tumors or some inflammation. 

The most recurrent one is the tubal inflammation of the fallopian tube. If you fail conceiving the second child, you should inform your doctor about any genital problems you've had in the past.

If your genital apparatus is normal and there is no problem with it, the hormonal causes are often incriminated.

Here are some issues that influence fertility:

Both of partners should be relaxed, and get rid of any negative thoughts, job problems, or, why not, of the idea that conceiving with your first child within the next room is wrong. If you do have some help from relatives, you could send your child away from home just for a romantic night. 

Some medical research showed that stress could cause secondary infertility and it could release in the brain some harmful substances which influence and inhibit the centers responsible for the sexual activity and fertility. From this point of view, women are less sensitive than men, as the female hormones protect them from stress. On the other hand, stress in men dramatically influences the quality of sperm.

Think that, after your first pregnancy, you've got older. One of the common causes of secondary infertility could be your age. "Fertility is diminished after 35 years old of age. The egg cells are older, too, and they've been exposed to many environmental factors which could influence their quality", said dr. Gérard Salama, a french specialist in gynecology.

On the other hand, all the specialists advice you not to intercourse only for the reason to get pregnant or only in the fertile days, as the ovulation time could vary from one month to another. Therefore, if you have in your mind only the idea of conceiving, the pressure would be major, and the pregnancy wouldn't arise.

Don't let all these causes influence your mental health, even if cenceiving is so frustrating. There is still hope for every mother trying to get pregnant for the second time. But don't forget that any problem should be discussed with your doctor, to exclude any incertitude regarding a genital problem. If there is no serious problem, then follow your doctor's advices, take your vitamins (you should know about the folic acid from your first pregnancy), blot out the stress in  your life and try to live a healthy life.

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