Mommy, you are my rainbow

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I miss us, my first child

Dear child, you grow so fast like a little seed I've planted years ago and now it became a beautiful flower. I miss every moment spent alone with you, and I know sometimes you don't like having a little sister. I completely understand you. I know you want your mommy only for yourself, and I know how difficult it must be sometimes for you to share your precious moments with your sister. 
Yesterday you were just a little baby, now you are a big girl, and I just want to make the time stop, to enjoy more time in your childhood, your smiling face, your child voice, your lovely way of being, acting...
I feel guilty that our time together must be shared with your sister. I miss our moments together, my first child, I miss our happiness, our relaxing time spent outside till late hours in the summertime, our hugs in the evening, when falling asleep in my arms, and there are much more...It seems like yesterday you were as little as your sister, and I remember so clearly every moment, every thing you've learned, every step you've done,  every word you've said for the first time. Our happiness was special, but now is complete. Sometimes you feel it's unfair to share everything with your sister, but I know now you have a special bond with her.  

Mommy, you are my rainbow!

My first child, your words are so soft, and touch my soul everytime you tell your mommy how  much you love her, how beautiful she is to you, how happy you are for having a sister. Your misbehavior is faded away when you  tell me "Mommy, you are my rainbow, my velvet love!". 
I love you telling me sweet words, I love your moments with your sister, I love when you hug eachother,  when you play together, when you don't argue, and I wish all these moments last forever. So, my dear child, don't hurry to grow so fast, cause I simply adore your memorable childish actings, moments, laughs...

Moms are so easy to be emotionally manipulated, so, every word of their children is melting their hearts, and all the troubles are gone.