What to avoid during pregnancy

There are 9 months to wait until the baby will be born, and it's such a long period of expectation for mothers-to-be, and all they should do is to take care in each moment of their own health and their unborn baby. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be ask questions and try to find out new things from the experiences of other women. But we should not forget that pregnancies are different in each woman, and sometimes we should only follow our instincts if we do not agree with some opinions or experiences. There are so many myths regarding pregnancy, changed from generation to generation, and all we must do is listening to experts, to doctors or proven studies, and not to advices from other people. 

As doctor Oz mentioned, we can control genes of intelligence or waist size. It is true that we can not control some features like eye color or receding hairlines, as they are the result of DNA, but we can control which genes get turned on or turned off by staying fit and healthy during pregnancy, because it dramatically influences how your child's genes function throughout life.

10 things to avoid during pregnancy

Here are 10 things to avoid during pregnancy, according to specialists:

  1. Smoking- should be avoided during pregnancy because it affects the development of the fetus.
  2. Medication - There are some drugs forbidden during pregnancy, like antibiotics and antiinflamatories which could cause serious birth malformations in new-born babies. You should not take medication without medical approval.
  3. Stress - try to avoid all the events and situations that put pressure on your life.
  4. Extreme sports and intense physical activities - they could be dangerous for the evolution of pregnancy, as they could cause overheating of your body, or you could risk to have an abortion, etc.
  5. Alcohol - while some specialists consider that small quantities of alcohol could not harm the baby, others consider that even a small amount could be dangerous and risky.
  6. X-Rays - are known to be very dangerous during pregnancy, because they use some toxic substances that could cause malformations.
  7. Fish consisting of mercury - try to avoid eating shark meat, tuna, bass, mackerel or swordfish, as they are big fish that could contain a bigger amount of mercury, toxic for you and your baby. 
  8. Dehydration - drink at least 2 l of water daily, as dehydration could cause contractions and premature birth.
Enjoy your pregnancy!