Healthy Sweetness for Children

Since my little girl has been born, I realized that I am obsessed of everything that comes from nature, and, as a mother, I want what's best for my child. I just want to confess that, personally, I'm a fan of healthy and organic food, natural herbs and remedies for my child's health, all that comes from nature, from fruits to meat, eggs and milk. Today is so difficult to find such natural resources, but we should really try to raise our children in the best way possible. 

I remember that, when I was a child, I spent my summer holidays in the countryside, and all the food resources were there, thanks to my grandparents who took care of this aspect. I remember I ate honey and honey kills all day long, fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden, wild berries from the hills, drinking fresh milk from my grandparents' cows, goats and eating healthy and hormones free eggs and meat. Our generations were surely healthier thanour children. Today, everything is full of chemicals, hormones and our duty is to avoid the artificial food, medicine, remedies, for the sake of our children.

Going back to the subject, this summer I've discovered two natural fruits, wandering on the hills of my childhood together with my little girl. Our countryside is in the mountain area, so we take advantage of so many healthy resources, from fresh air to wild fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Wild Strawberries

The wild strawberry is one of the fruits we've found on the hills, and my little one ate it all day long. And I've decided to prepare for the winter a healthy sweetness, full of vitamins.

Did you know that wild strawberries can be harvested starting in June and they last until October? They have so many properties and benefits, and they have such an aromatic taste! Don't forget  they are a great remedy between food and medicine, but you should also know that they could cause allergies. So, alot of attention for those who suffer from allergies! Also, their therapeutical power is given by the small yellow dots that cover the fruits. Enjoy their benefits all summer long!

You can use wild strawberries and give them to your children as remedies for:
  • Rheumatism.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Skin diseases - the wild strawberry has an excellent effect in the treatment of skin diseases like: dermatosis and psoriasis or acne. This cure detoxifies the body,as the wild strawberries eliminate toxins.
  • Intestinal transit can be adjusted with wild strawberries. 
  • Respiratory complaints.
  • Leucorrhoea.
  • Nervousness.
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding (for mommies).
  • Water retention.
  • Diabetes, high cholesterol levels and arteriosclerosis (12-day cure with wild strawberry). 

Did you know that consuming wild strawberries in summer could give more resistance to high temperatures? Why? Because they have a cooling effect and they stimulate the nervous system.

Mommies, here is a secret: you can use wild strawberries for face treatments and they have an excellent effect. 

It is a good remedy for immunity as it consists in Vitamin C, and, also it is rich in tannins, which help your little ones treat the diarheea, indigestion and dysentery.

Personally, I use wild strawberries all the time when they are available, and most of the time, I prepare from them tea and sweetness. That is why each summer we collect the plant with fruits and leaves to dry them for the winter season. For the winter season, too, here is a sweetness preparation from wild sweetness for little ones:

Wild strawberries sweetness

2 kg wild strawberries
2 kg brown sugar (or honey)
20 g vanilla flavour
1 lemon
2 glasses of water

First you should prepare the syrup, mixing the water with the sugar on a low heat, until you see the mixture has a thick consistency (you can try it by cooling a small quantity). After washing the wild strawberries, dry them, then, when the syrup is ready, add the lemon juice, the vanilla, then the wild strawberries (after you stop the cooker). Put the mixture into warm jars, seal them and turn them upside down to create a kind of vacuum. Keep them in cold places. Your little ones will love it!

Green wallnuts

Did you know how many properties and benefits have the green wallnuts? They could be collected in June, but, before deciding to prepare green wallnuts sweetness, you should know that it is a difficult process, because they must be peeled and they stain your hands so much that, if you do not wear 2 or 3 pairs of plastic gloves, you'll hate you did it (your hands will stay black for about 2,3 weeks).

Walnuts are high in: protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils. 

Green wallnuts are healthy resources consisting in a high quantity of iodine, which is very good for children, and they have great properties for the nervous system. That is why you should give them to childrem suffering from various nervous problems.

Here are their benefits:
  • Mineral Resources - they contain minerals and essential nutrients, such as manganese, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and copper that serve a variety of purposes including the development of sperm and acid synthesis.
  • Anti-inflammatory - the omega-3 fatty acid are good for inflammatory diseases such as asthma, psoriasis, eczema, and rheumatism.
  • Good for skin - they are rich in vitamin E, good for skin problems.
  • Enhance the immune - they have antioxidant properties for immunity that protects against aging, cancer, and neurological disorders.
  • Good for pregnant women -they contain a lot of vitamin B-complex, such as folate, riboflavin, thiamin, good for pregnant women.
  • Good for the heart - the Omega 3 fatty acids are good for heart disease, stroke, coronary artery disease, and other diseases related to the heart.
  • Lose weight (for mommies) - they can help increase metabolism.
  • Constipation - use them to treat constipation.
  • Beauty -they can protect the skin from dryness. They are also used for a long time for therapy, aromatherapy, massage and cosmetic products.
  • Benefits for hypertension and various types of cancer.

Green wallnuts sweetness

1000 g green walnuts
1200 g sugar
300 ml water
lemons (juice)
30 g vanilla flavour
It could be prepared in the same way as the wild strawberries, but before it, you must peel them until you reach the white kernel, and keep them in water for 1 night with a slice of lemon in it to prevent oxidation. The next day they are ready for preparation. My little one adores it!