Sexlife after two babies

 New life, new start

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Welcome your new baby and get used to your new family life, because now you are four and everything will change. Your mental health should be strong, as you need to be prepared for a new lifestyle, and there's a battle inside of you which will never have to accomodate your first child to his new baby sister/brother (and believe me, that's the hardest thing of all), you have to take care of your second baby, your mind faces so many contradictions, between the love you share withyour children and the love for your partner; and, there are so many frustrating things regarding your new kilos, your physical changes, and the balance that is gone in your sex life...
how do you take care of this aspect? If until baby no.2 things were pretty easy, now how do you manage to share your intimacy or romantic evenings with your partner? There is not enough time, the children have their needs, the babies are crying and you feel so anxious, stressed and tired enough to postpone your romance with your partner. But I can assure you need it. Because, above all, you are an individual, a woman who misses all this, even though you are focused now on your babies, but you still need romance and sex life..

You need it

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So, from now on, you'll feel like two lovers, at the beginning of their relashionship, looking for quiet places to spend time together, like two teenagers who don't want to be caught, sending naughty messages to eachother, behind the eyes of the others...I tell you that this is a new beginning for you, as a couple, and you'll love it, because once you make efforts, you see you'll love it and I think every couple need to feel like in the beginning..When children go to sleep, put on your new catsuit and remember your partner how beautiful you are to him, and remember him what he could loose if his eyes are looking in other directions...he has his needs, too, you know? And if you think your new romance with your partner has no chance, be more optimistic, even if the children are crying all  night long, or you need to breastfeed all night long, there's a new morning, too..So, wake up when everyone is still sleeping, and make your partner start his day with the "after" smiley face.. So, ladies, renew yourself and your sexlife, and I assure you that if you'll make it possible, you'll be happier in your life with your partner, and you'll be more relaxed in your life as a mom...