Pregnant and famous

Pregnant like a celebrity!

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When we are pregnant, we start feeling strange concerning our body, because there are so many changes that take place, and everything starts  from our hormones. It is a continuous change from the first day we find out the great news: having a baby! We start planning and changing our future plans, we are happy and excited, we imagine how our baby will be, how beautiful our  lives will be, and there is plenty of time to do that amongst the nine months we are carrying the pregnancy. But those changes are not comfortable all the time. Some women feel sick at the beginning of the pregnancy, or the entire 9 months period, they have physical disorders or bad moods all the time. Of course  there are women who don't even feel they are pregnant, and we talk here about women who had a really healthy lifestyle before getting pregnant, and who did sports with regularity.

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Belly Armor Maternity Basics

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My point is that, even if the  pregnancy is gettting good or worse, we should follow examples and have models, as no matter how difficult it is, we should try to change our lifestyle (from food to sports and mental attitude). We should have positive examples around us, and think that all the 9 months worth the entire rest of our lives.

We know that celebrities look gorgeous when talking about moms-to-be. But they have their bad days, too. They are human, too! But we do not see that! When reading a magazine, we see celebs that look amazing in pregnant dresses, when going shopping, sexi in swimsuits when going in vacations, with amazing make-ups and positive spirits. This is the example we should follow. Our pregnancies are good or bad according to our state of mind. It depends on how tragic we are and how positive and negative we are. It is true that our hormones are playing games with us, but sometimes everything is up to the universal attraction: think positive and you'll feel positive! 
So let's be pregnant like celebrities: even if we feel sick and have various pregnancy disorders, let's look positive, change our lifestyle, do some pregnancy sports, eat healthy food, change our state of mind. You'll see you fell different! I did it, and it worked for me!

Feel sexi and proud of your belly

There are so many conflicts in our minds during our pregnancy, and our hormones challenge our spirits, and this is perfectly normal. When the baby bump is visible enough, we do not feel sexi anymore. People say "You look gorgeous! You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!", but you do not feel that way. I think it's  important the way our men look at us when we are pregnnant. We are not sick, but only pregnant, so, they should keep looking at us in the same way they used to do, and make us feel sexi. Some of them are reserved, and, honestly, I think they should ignore the visible changes that take place concerning our  bodies. We need to feel sexi, positive and happy, because the entire 9 months period  is not easy at all, and we must keep self confident and energized for the after birth period.

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So, why wouldn't we look like pregnant Angelina, feel like pregnant Shakira and live like pregnant Beyonce or Jessica Alba? Does it sound good? If they can, we can, too!!! Go shopping, walk wherever you feel to, put a sexi pregnant dress, try a beautiful make up, meet positive people, energize yourself with things you love to do, be happy, forget the bad moods of pregnancy, do sports  (your baby bump will be just fine), go to the beach, eat healthy and fresh food (spoil yourself whenever you feel to), change you attitude and feel sexi! You'll see the effects and how people will look at you. It's all about your attitude!