Dear stranger, mind your business

Strangers think they know better
Children need to feel safe in every situation. And we are there to protect them. Also, a child is not self-dependent and has no judgement until certain ages. Every parent knows better which are the needs and likes or dislikes of his child. He also knows everything about his moods and feelings.
Now, I'm telling you, STRANGER, why do you think you know my child better, or why do you even try to talk to my child when he's playing in the park, or in any other place? Why do you think your approach is better than mine, or your advices are good for me? Do I know you? Do you know me? Do you think your life experience makes you a better parent than I am? Every child is different, and education has different perspectives for everyone.

Here are some things you, STRANGER, should not do:
  • Don't ask my child what's his name, especially when I'm not around. Don't you know that first you should introduce yourself? Will you tell your name everytime a stranger asks you to?
  • Don't tell my child "Oh! You've lost your voice? Do you even know what's your name?". First of all, my child knows that he/she should not talk to strangers. Don't judge a child because he/she refuses  to do it; a child doesn't feel safe when a strange person comes around.
  • Don't offer him candies or any other things to eat from your pocket, or portion any other aliments with your hands that could not be clean. Don't you know this is not sanitary? And, do you think is ok doing that before asking the parent or adult looking after the child?
  • Don't ever say to any child "Oh, you are big now! It's a shame to stay in your mommy's arms!". When you're tired you sit down; well, a child feels better in his mommy's arms, because he/she's tired, or suffers a discomfort, or has any other problem which his parent understands it better. So, nobody needs your opinion. 
  • Don't advice me how to dress up my child in any season. I know better than you what are my child's needs, and, if he/she doesn't wear too much warm clothes, than it is because he/she doesn't need them. Every mother knows everything about her child's condition. 
  • Don't look spitefully when my child has a tantrum in the park, supermarket, or any other public place. Every child has it, and every parent has different approaches on the situation. My child is not naughty if he wants something and starts crying when he/she is being refused. And a parent is not  mean if he refuses his child at the moment. Although, this doesn't mean the child is spoiled. There are different stages of development, and each child has different manifestations through the stages. Moreover, don't be mean and not ask me to make my child go quiet. I have my own methods, and it's my choice of how I decide to grow him/her.
None the less, I'm open minded and I do not refuse any advice from people I know. I learn from the others, and every mistake is a chance to change the way I see some things, or the way I grow my own children. So, STRANGER, before doing all the things mentioned, please ask me before.