Mommy, I loved when I was your only child

New family member and acceptance

The jealousy between brothers/sisters can't be avoided. It comes from the day the second child is born. It is a hard work for the parents to explain the first born child how much they love him but that they have to pay attention to the newborn child, too. There are so many tough moments, and we can't judge our children for their reactions to changings. But, also, our approach is very important, as the child sees the world through our eyes. Our goal is to keep their feelings safe and give them double love when a newborn comes into any family.

In theory, things are quite simple. Unfortunately, in practice, we fail to do things perfectly. Children are so sensitive and parents are humans, and there are so many issues coming out from the first day of living as a four member family (or more). 

Is co-sleeping benefic or not?

Will you ever sleep in your bed or in your own room?

This is the question I ask my 6 year old daughter every day. She's been sleeping in bed with me or her daddy since her 1st year of age. And my second daughter does the same. And I don't regret it at all. Because when I look at them, I see two peaceful little angels, full of joy and with no frustrations, no fears, no nightmares. Most of people say that this is wrong, that the children will be spoiled or with a wrong behavior towards everything, or they won't be self-dependent at all. Will they sleep with her mom or dad until the age of 18? Of course not. They will need space at some point, so, like every other issues that come into our lives and simply go away at a moment, our children will become more and more self-dependent. Of course our role is to help our children become the adults they want to be, and to guide them in life to be good people from any point of view.

Atopic dermatitis in children

How did we handle with  the atopic dermatitis
Everyone dealing with this health problem knows that life's not easy when having skin rash, eczema, poor sleeping, irritability, etc. According to the specialists, the atopic dermatitis is an affection that begins in the early childhood or within the first months of life. Although the doctors say that the progress of this affection is somehow stopped or slown as the child grows older, it is different from case to case. My daughters had it from their first months (one is 2 and the other 6 now), and they still have it, because it never goes away, but the quality of their lives improved as all you can do regarding the atopic dermatitis is to keep it under control. 

There were so many things that I didn't know about concerning this affection. In the beginning, distracted by the overwhelming moments with the first newborn, I overlooked it for a while, as I thought it was a transitory issue. But things proved to be more complicated, as the skin problems were getting worse. My baby was irritated and crying alot, and the skin was looking awful. I was lucky that she couldn't scratch, but, unfortunately, it was bad for her, as I could only imagine how uncomfortable was for a baby to live with that.

I am your best friend, sweet child of mine

The age of 6, the tween age

My sweet child, sometimes I'm not the best mother for you, and neither the best friend you dream of,  but I know I try to be. Sometimes I don't have self-control and raise my voice, and sometimes I don't seem understanding, but I really try to. I blame myself for not being the perfect mother, but all I know is I love you with all my heart. You're just the perfect child, but now that you grew older, things became more difficult than I thought and you are such a strong spirit. You know how to support your own point of view, even if you think you're right. I love teaching you things, but it's just complicated when you're going against it. I'm not a bad mother if I want to teach you things, and you're not a bad child if you don't want to learn at the moment. But let's find a resolution together. It is not easy, but remember I am your friend, and you have to trust me. I am also your mother, and my love for you is infinite.