Curiosity and Imagination at the age of 3

Children's curiosity at the age of three is intense

Children want to know the  meaning of everything that meets their eyes. Their imagination is rich. They connect everything with themselves. When they hear about an illness, it makes them think, "Will I have that?", or when they hear aboout trains, they want to know right away, "Will I go on a train someday?". 

Curiosity is a good thing for the 3 years old children; it is part of their development, and the adults should have the patience to explain them everything  in detail, even if  sometimes they don't feel to, or are tired, or they had a hard day. Children are part of us, and if we want to have good kids, mentally speaking, we should be involved and explain them everything, in a positive way.

A little imagination is a good thing

Their imagination is vivid to them. They are not able to make the difference between reality and imagination. They are not sure where the real ends and the unreal begins. That is  why they love stories that are read to them. And here, parents should avoid the situations when children stay in front of the TV's, especially when they watch violent programs, movies or cartoons. Violence could influence their normal development, and, as a result, they would copy the violent behavior from the Tv, thinking that there's nothing wrong with  it. Parents have an important role in their education, and violence shouldn't be part of their development. 

On the other hand, if the child is spending a good part of each day telling about imaginary friends or adventures, not as a game, but as if he believes in them, it raises the question whether his real life is satisfying enough or if he feels good with his parents or is having an easygoing companionship with them. 

A child should feel his parents are his best friends and feel loved. They need hugs and also have jokes or friendly conversations with them. If the adults around them are undemonstrative, they dream of comfy, understanding playmates as the hungry man dreams of chocolate bars. If the parents are always disapproving, children invent a wicked companion whom they blame for the naughty things they have  done. If they are living in the imagination and not adjusting well with other children, a  psychiatrist should be able to find out what they are lacking.

Also, the parents should invent stories for their children with moderation, otherwise their child would think this is the real world. 

Text source: Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care -Beanjamin Spock and Michael Rothenberg