Three years old child development

Devotion to the parents

Children at this age are usually easier to lead. Boys and girls around 3 have reached a stage in their emotional development when they feel that their fathers and mothers are wonderful people, and they want to be like them. Even if they are devoted to their parents, they are still people with ideas of their own. The little girl is not about to become an exact replica of her mother but she still will surely be influenced by her in many respects. A boy at this age realizes that he is on the  way to becoming a man and, therefore, attempts to pattern himself predominantly after his father.

Emotional, cognitive and language skills

Boys and girls now become fascinated with all aspects of babies

They want to know where they come from. When they find out that babies grow inside their mothers they are eager to carry out this amazing act of creation themselves. They want to take care of babies and love them, the way they realize they were cared for and loved. They will press a younger child into the role of a baby and spend hours acting as father and mother to him, or they'll use a doll.

Boys become romantic toward their mothers, girls toward their fathers

Up to this age, a boy's love for his mother has been predominantly of a dependent kind, like that of a baby. The little girl who is growing normally in her mother's pattern develops the same kind of love for her father. These strong romantic attachments help children to grow spiritually and to acquire feelings toward the opposite sex that will later guide them into good marriages.

Free Shipping on All Orders at bazzlebaby.comBut, there is also a mixture of deep feelings and jealousy, when they want one of their parents only for themselves. For example, the little girl, if she is developing normally, develops the same possessive love for her father. She wishes at times that something would happen to her mother so that she could have her father for herself. It is believed that this mixed feelings - of love, jealousy, and fear - toward the parent of the same sex are the main cause of bad dreams (being chased by giants, robbers, witches andother frightening figures). If they won't become excessively fearful or antagonistic to the parent of the same sex, or much too close to the parent of the opposite sex, the parents shouldn't worry about that.

Parents can help children through this romantic but jealous stage by gently keeping it clear that the parents do belong to eachother, that  a boy can't ever have his  mother for himself or a girl have her father for herself, but that the parents aren't shocked to realize that their children are mad at them sometimes on this account. 

Parents should insist on politeness and explain  their children that is rude to break up a conversation between parents and that their feelings of anger and jealousy are sometimes normal.

Text source: Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care -Beanjamin Spock and Michael Rothenberg