Spa for mommies

Sunny Mummy -A Spa for Mothers with Small Children

Mothers simply need a break when they feel overwhelmed by their ordinary life; they need to relax and recharge their batteries. When we feel revigorated, we are more optimistic, happier, and more understanding regarding our little ones.

aromatherapy diffuserRaising a baby involves alot of patience, a healthy mind, optimism, and, when a baby depends exclusively on you, you must be full of energy and revitalized. That is why mothers often go to the spa. To revigorate themselves. Most of them cannot afford this luxury, because they simply don't have time, or they don't have some help with their baby. But what if they could spend some time with their baby at a spa with childcare included? 

Bringing baby along sounds interesting and really relaxing.

A business woman who is also a mother, put this idea into practice, and opened a spa for mommies, with childcare built into the costs. The spa is located in Toronto and is called Sunny Mummy. 

There are lots of spas. And most of them are for women. But Sunny Mummy decided to niche even deeper. Not just women, but mom’s. Some might look at that as a risk, “We’ll lose clients.” Other people, see it as a huge opportunity to attract clients.

"Children are always welcome in our boutique and are welcome in our spa. While you are welcome to hold content/sleeping/nursing infants as you receive most services, we also offer the option of child care. Supervised childcare is available by reservation." Nilla Petta owner of Sunny Mummy Spa+Boutique